Setting up gogo and Avideo Auto Embed for Kiranime

#auto embed#kiranime#kiranime plugin

To use auto embed, follow the instructions below:

  • Install kiranime auto embed plugin ( Included in every release update )
  • Open the setting page like so:

  • If you're planning to use gogoanime. please fill the gogoanime url with gogoanime domain with trailing slash ("/") at the end.
  • check the scheduler if you don't want to use the auto embed scheduler.

How to check if it's working?

  • Open episode grabber or create new episode post
  • make sure that the slug of your episode post is the same as gogoanime slug:

wordpress slug:

gogoanime slug:

  • make sure your server can access the gogoanime domain, how to check? simply using command line (CLI)/terminal and use curl to access the domain. example: curl


All of the requirements are met but it's not working. Here is some tips:

  • Make sure the layout or the display of the gogoanime site is like this:

  • check if your server able to access the domain.
  • If not, use wp debug to see if there's an error happening while grabbing. Sometimes your server will receive 403 instead or 404. If that happens, maybe you want to use other domain.