Kiranime Theme First Setup


After installing kiranime theme. You might want to check up the setup below:

1. Setting your WordPress Permalink

This step is required as default wordpress will use a query, and kiranime theme doesn't work with it. So, after finish installing your theme, you have to set your permalink to the required structure.

How to do that?

First open your wordpress dashboard (as administrator).

Then open settings -> permalink like so:

And select "POST NAME" then save. It'll save and flush the wordpress permalink. If you can't access your site after changing permalink, try to check your server. Sometimes server like nginx must be configured correctly for wordpress permalink.


2. Setting Timezone

If you're planing to use the episode schedule widgets, you have to set your wp timezone to use GMT offset instead of timezone name. Example:


3. Reading settings

Set "Your homepage displays" to be latest post. Open settings, then select Reading. On the "Your homepage displays" select "Your latest posts" like this:


4. Check Mixed HTTP/HTTPS

Kiranime won't work correctly if your site has mixed http/https situation. Here's some ways to fix it:

- Set your wordpress url to use https

You can change your wordpress url to use https, but you have to make sure you have ssl certificate installed on your domain either using let's Encrypt or cloudflare or other ssl provider. To change it open Settings then select General, see the following image:

- Using plugin

You can use a plugin to fix mix http/https like Really Simple SSL or SSL Mixed Content Fix.


5. Make Sure WP REST API is working

An Easy way to check if your wp rest api working, is visiting https://yourdomain/wp-json (change yourdomain to your actual domain for the wp site). If you see something like the image below or not an error page like 403 or 404, that mean your rest api is working and kiranime will work properly, if not then follow the tips below.

If you don't see anything like the image, or you get error page, try to flush your permalink like on the step 1 just hit save.


If you already follow all the step and still has a problem, send a ticket and i'll help if it's related to the theme.